Trauma Informed Care

education nurse wellbeing patient safety safety Oct 30, 2023

Have you ever frightened a patient by placing a facemask on during preoxygenation? 🫣
Or noticed a patient suddenly go quiet when you are putting ECG leads on their chest? 🥺

The perioperative setting is our normal. But for patients it is often one that carries a whole lot of fear and sometimes reminders of events from the past. A patient’s behaviour may surprise you, however, it is likely a result of past experiences. ⏮⏮

If you haven’t heard the term Trauma Informed Care (TIC), you will. It is an essential part of healthcare that is only now being recognised by individuals and organisations. 🏥

Laura Freeburn a nurse educator in Mental Health at RBWH, and was recently interview by Liz Crowe on her podcast, “5 things nursing” about Trauma Informed Care. Laura talks about the 4 R’s of TIC:

1️⃣ Realise - more than 60% of patients have experienced trauma, so our approach should reflect that.

2️⃣ Recognise - recognise signs of trauma. How someone is presenting today is often as a result of previous experiences.

3️⃣ Respond - as individuals and as an organisation so that we don’t inflict the 4th R…

4️⃣ Resist re-traumatisation.

For an excellent discussion on TIC, have a listen to the podcast. You can find it by searching “Five Things About Trauma Informed Care.” 😁

Credit: Liz Crowe, Laura Freeburn & Jesse Spur.


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