Burnout in Nursing

nurse burnout nurse wellbeing patient safety safety Oct 26, 2023

What does burnout look like? 🔥😵

It is the combination of:
👉🏻decreased effectiveness at work

🚨What causes it?

In nursing, it’s caused by factors such as high workload, shift work, low job control, poor remuneration, value misalignment and a poor sense of social connection at work.

🚨Who is at risk?

If you are nice, dedicated and committed to your job, you are actually at higher risk of burnout. You are less likely to say no when you should, and you will often put others’ needs before your own.

🚨What can you do to reduce your risk?

It’s tempting to say “look after yourself” here. Yes, self-care is important but there is only so much a bubble bath and yoga can do to help your risk of burnout. It is a complex problem that needs to be addressed by governments, health leaders, managers and individuals.

But, here are a few things supported by the evidence that you can do:

1️⃣ Debrief with a trusted buddy when you have a difficult shift.
2️⃣ Plan some device-free time on a regular basis.
3️⃣ Prioritise sleep, exercise and diet.
4️⃣ Have a GP and use them.
5️⃣ If you think you need professional assistance, you should definitely seek it.

There is a link in our bio for free, immediate assistance if you are interested.

Thank you to all the nurses out there. 🙏🏻

Be kind to yourself ❤️

Build knowledge ✅
Improve safety ✅

Ref: Dall'Ora C, Ball J, Reinius M, Griffiths P. Burnout in nursing: a theoretical review. Hum Resour Health. 2020 Jun 5;18(1):41. doi: 10.1186/s12960-020-00469-9. PMID: 32503559; PMCID: PMC7273381.


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